Project Details

Removing granite rock in residential area– located West Vancouver, BC – completed October 2018

Scope of the Project

  • Use non-explosive alternative (GeoBreak Expanding Grout) to heave apart granite to aid the use of a rock breaker to be more efficient
  • Remove rock with less labour intensive approach without the using of permits in West Vancouver

The granite rock needing to be broken and removed in a residential area in West Vancouver was in proximity houses. In West Vancouver, permits are required for blasting operations. The contractor used GeoBreak Expanding Grout (NexPand Pro) to heave apart the rock to fracture and weaken the granite which provided aid for a machine to excavate the broken rock. A Hilti drill was used to drill the holes using 1.25” (32mm) bit with 12” (305mm) of spacing between drill holes. For areas where there was not a free face available, creating a free face was required to allow for more relief as well as delay pouring techniques. GeoBreak Expanding Grout was poured into the holes and covered with a tarp allowing for the product life cycle to begin to successfully heave and break the rock.

Which GeoBreak Products Were Recommended

GeoBreak Expanding Grout Type II was recommended to break the granite on the home owner’s property.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of using GeoBreak expanding grout was to fracture and weaken the rock to provide aid for a machine to hammer the loose material.

Actual Outcome

GeoBreak Expanding Grout was used to break the rock without the use of permits making the use of a rock breaker more efficient.

Final Thoughts From The Project Contractors

Minimal equipment was required for this rock breaking project. The ability to have an alternative to break rock without the use of permits in West Vancouver, that is heavily congested, or the need for training allowed the contractor to break the rock using their labourers on site by a safe and less labour intensive approach. No vibrations, no noise and no dust produced made this application for rock breaking an easy approach while eliminating environmental effects from blasting and noise issues from using a hydraulic rock breaker. It is important to be patient when using GeoBreak Expanding Grout. Drill your holes, mix the product with water and wait for the magic to happen. After the rock is fractured this allowed for the machine on site to remove the rock and also provided aid for the use of a rock breaker, burning less fuel and reducing machine hours and maintenance to bits. GeoBreak Expanding Grout is not a dangerous good and requires no training or permits to use. These benefits create flexibility and provide alternatives to rock breaking which allow for increased in-house rock breaking capabilities.