Nxburst™ Training & Certification

GeoBreak Solutions Inc. provides manufacturer training for the safe transport, storage and handling of Nxburst™ products. The Nxburst™ training course will prepare students for the WorkSafe Certification Exam. We present the training program in two separate 8 hour classes which includes two course components: Theoretical Training and Certification & Practical Training and Certification.

Day 1 (Theory) The educational outcome will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Product characteristics in order to promote safe and effective use of Nxburst™ Safety Cartridges.
  • Environmental impacts that are associated with rock breaking.
  • Rock breaking methodology.
  • Read technical data to assist with trouble shooting and to promote effective use of the Nxburst™ product.
  • Legislative requirements to use Nxburst™ products.

Day 2 (Practical) The educational outcome will include practical experience of the following:

  • Determine rock characteristics.
  • Drilling patterns to ensure successful breakage of rock or concrete.
  • Safety requirements of a blast site.
  • Charging and stemming procedures.
  • Safely execute a misfire drill in the event of a misfire or partial deflagration.

After completing the course, participants will be able to transport, store and handle the Nxburst™ products. However, blasting certification is required in order to use Nxburst™ products.

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