Whether you’re a homeowner, planner, contractor or anyone associated with digging, it’s important that you are aware of the risks. At GeoBreak we can play a critical role in ensuring that any rock you encounter is dealt with safely, after taking the necessary safety precautions with the organizations listed below:

• British Columbia
• Yukon
• Alberta
• United States of America

Our products are used to break rocks within close proximity to sensitive infrastructure throughout North America.

Nxburst and GeoBreak Expanding Grout are used to minimize and eliminate environmental effects such as dangerous vibrations, noise and fly rock. These effects are common place when using commercial explosives, and can have a devastating impact on sensitive infrastructure. Nxburst is a non-detonating safety cartridge that does not produce a shockwave to break rock or concrete. GeoBreak Expanding Grout produces zero noise, zero vibrations and zero fly rock. Both products are consistently used for various applications in construction and mining. For more information on these products contact us, and to ensure that your digging safely, call the service providers in your area.

Always Call Before You Dig!