Sensitive Rock Breaking Products

GeoBreak provides sensitive demolition solutions for projects that require strict environmental oversight. Nxburst™ Safety Cartridges and Expanding Grout are designed for environmentally sensitive areas where high explosive charges and other abrasive demolition products or services are restricted. Nxburst™ Safety Cartridges are a propellant based cartridge that is much safer to transport, store and use than traditional explosive materials.

Due to the low volatility of Nxburst™ products, regulations relating to the transport and storage of Nxburst™ are considerably less stringent when compared to traditional explosives such as Ammonium Nitrate or Fuel Oil. Fly rock control, ground vibration control, air blast or overpressure control, and noise control are a few environmental constraints when rock breaking in urban areas. Nxburst™ can mitigate a lot of these concerns because of the deflagration process. In the case of explosives, the pressure in the drill hole can be quite high, due to the rate of detonation of the explosives. The release of the gases is a violent event that results in a high level of fly rock, which causes shock waves and a high overpressure which produces a destructive concussion effect especially in confined spaces. In contrast, a tailored Nxburst™ charge produces an optimal pressurization of the hole, which results in optimal gas release at a relatively low pressure, thus obviating the destructive side effects such as fly rock and concussion effects caused by explosives.

Expanding grout is designed to provide jobsites with non-explosive solutions for demolition of rock or concrete. Expanding grout is safe and easy to use, additionally it does not require heavy equipment or special certifications. We have proven that it can reduce labour costs and increase productivity while significantly reducing environmental impacts. Using a non-explosive product for demolition of rock or concrete completely eliminates flyrock, vibration from blasting, human discomfort and structural damage related to air blast overpressure.

Nxburst™ Safety Cartridges

Nxburst™ is a non-detonating blasting technology used to break rock and concrete.

Expanding Grout

Expanding Grout is a non-explosive demolition agent used for breaking rock and concrete.