Frequently Asked Questions About Nxburst

How long does GeoBreak Expanding Grout take for my rock breaking project?

There are 3 types of Expanding Grout to align with ambient and rock temperature for your rock breaking project. The 3 different types are used to speed up or slow down the reaction. Just like explosive products, GeoBreak Expanding Grout works best with a free face (relief). The amount of relief will affect breaking time. Within 12-20 hours you will see minor fracturing at the surface level. Waiting 24-48 hours is recommended to allow for the Expanding Grout to curate and create even more expansion and breaking to allow for improved diggability and efficient removal.

What type of GeoBreak Expanding Grout will I need?

Type I (Orange), 25C-40C

Type II (Green), 10C – 25C

Type III (Blue), -10C – 10C

Make sure you are using the appropriate Expanding Grout type that fits these temperatures when you are planning your rock breaking and concrete breaking project. For example, Type II GeoBreak Expanding Grout is for temperature ranges of 10C – 25C. If you are using Expanding Grout in Kelowna BC mid August and the temperature is 33C and higher, this will increase the risk of the hole to overheat and cause a potential blowout to lose product inside the hole but more importantly, becomes a safety issue to the operator. If you are unsure which GeoBreak Expanding Grout you will need for your rock breaking project, please contact GeoBreak for more information. We are here to help, always!

Will GeoBreak Expanding Grout break very hard rock?  We hit rock in our trench and our rock breaker attachment is only making dust.

Yes. GeoBreak Expanding Grout will break very hard rock. Granite, Basalt, Quartzite to clastic sedimentary rocks from conglomerate, sandstone, shales, siltstones, mudstones. Expanding Grout will split and heave apart the any rock type. The hard-broken rock can be excavated with the teeth from a bucket. A machine paired with a ripper and thumb will claw and pull away the rock. At this point, hoe-ramming will be manageable due to all the broken rock making the remaining of your rock breaking project effortless for the machine and operator to continue to meet production goals when unexpected is dug up.

What should I use to drill?

The rock conditions and accessibility to your job site will play a role in determining the drilling equipment required. On very tough rock where your drilling depths are 2’ and greater, using a pneumatic hand held rock drill with an air compressor will be the fastest way to drill your rock. For concrete demolition and softer rock, using an electric drill is effective in the right conditions.

Can it be used in wet conditions?

Yes. GeoBreak Expanding Grout can be used in wetter hole conditions. Cleaning and blowing out your holes before loading is always recommended. For underwater applications, using poly sleeves to line the holes is required. Since Expanding Grout reacts with water, the more water that enters into the drill holes will slow down the rock breaking process.

Is it only used on breaking boulders?

No! Our Expanding Grout can be used in completely confined situations like trench rock for pipe laying. Delay pouring techniques similar to sequential blasting will provide more relief throughout the path of fracturing is commonly used when there is no free face present. Drilled added relief holes around the perimeter of the trench allow for quicker expansion and rock breaking. However, it is great for breaking boulders for backyards, quarries, mines, and highway projects to name a few when oversized boulders need to be broken down further and removed.

Can GeoBreak Expanding Grout work on concrete with rebar?

Yes. Determining where the rebar is important during the drilling process. Usually in 6” increments the rebar is located. The pressure from the expanding grout will lift and shift the concrete fracturing to allow for speedy removal.

How many boxes of Expanding Grout will I need for my rock breaking and/or concrete breaking project?

The linear footage per box is determined by the hole size you select for drilling. Consult GeoBreak on the overall size and area of your rock breaking or concrete demolition project and we will determine the most appropriate hole size to use followed by the spacing, drilling design and overall materials required.

What equipment do I need to operate?

  • Drill
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Gloves
  • Hard hat (if applicable)
  • Dust mask
  • Pail to mix expanding grout
  • Electric mixer with mixing paddle
  • Water for mixing bags
  • All required personal protective equipment (PPE)

How important is drilling for using GeoBreak Expanding Grout?

Drilling is very important when using GeoBreak Expanding Grout. With inaccurate drilling comes inaccurate, inconsistent breaking. If holes are too spaced out the fracturing of the rock will take longer and not be as affective only creating micro-fractures in the rock. If holes are spaced too closely given the selected hole size this will be added time and labour cost related to drilling excessive number of holes. Creating a drill pattern to allow breaking at the point of relief will speed up rock breaking making your rock much easier to remove.

What is the maximum size hole you can drill using Expanding Grout?

The maximum hole size that can be drilled using Expanding Grout is 2.75”. This provides versatility for job site conditions in mass rock excavations when blasting is prohibited or not practical due to site sensitivity and proximity to utilities, structures and other critical infrastructure. No pre-blast surveys or permits required as this is a non-explosive product producing no vibrations while fly rock is completely eliminated. For hole sizes larger than 2” consult GeoBreak for further instructions.

Is Expanding Grout a Dangerous Goods product?

GeoBreak Expanding Grout is not a dangerous good product for transportation or shipping. No training, certification, permits and pre-blast surveys are required to use. In fact, we are available on Amazon and are Amazon Prime eligible for shipping. Check us out on Amazon!