Secondary Breaking

Using Nxburst for all boulder breaking is the preferred alternative to offer consistent, safe, and effective results. In residential areas, highway projects, and surface/underground mining operations, oversize rock creates an issue and the boulders have to be broken and handled. In this blast using Nxburst, the boulder is 7m away from equipment with no fly rock being produced upon ignition. This major advantage allows for minimal clearance of personnel and equipment to safely perform a blast.

Urban Blasting

Nxburst non-detonating technology, not producing a shock wave to break rock, provides a safer product to minimize noise, control dust, reduce blast vibrations, control fly rock and not cause surface water contamination for urban blasting operations. Nxburst was used inside a basement to remove bedrock without causing any damage to existing structures, neighbour’s foundations and window damage.

Environmentally Sensitive Rock Breaking

Conventional explosives can pose a concern with vibrations, fly rock, and noise related to airblast overpressure. Nxburst mitigates these concerns related to high explosives due to its low velocity and reduced charge weights for rock breaking projects. Similar to the rock slide in Seymour River, Nxburst was used in Elaho River to remove a rock structure not effecting water quality, causing disturbance, injury and/or death to fish and marine mammals, and/or causing harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of their habitats. 3 separate blasts were performed using 50060 Nxburst Rock Breaking Cartridges. This was blast 2 of 3.

Concrete Demolition

Nxburst is used on Granite, Sandstone, Shale, Slate, Basalt, Marble, Limestone and Quartzite to name a few typical rock types. However, it can also be used for concrete breaking as well. Dykon Blasting used Nxburst to conventionally drill and blast two old bascule piers in 20’ of water in Galveston Bay. The Railroad would not allow high explosives used for this demolition making Nxburst the preferred alternative. Nxburst allowed the project contractor to continue using conventional drilling and blasting techniques while reducing vibrations and cost associated with other demolition methods.

Additional Rock and Concrete Breaking Videos