Project Details

Rock breaking a house lot using a combination of a hydraulic drill rig, GeoBreak Expanding Grout and hydraulic rock hammer – located in Penticton, BC – completed July 2019

Scope of the Project

  • Break hard rock in residential area
  • Avoid blasting permits and pre-blast surveys
  • Eliminate risk of vibrations from blasting

A house lot on solid rock required rock breaking in a residential area. Between surveys and permits the ability to use GeoBreak Expanding Grout eliminates the risk of vibrations, noise and does not require training to use which allows for foreman, superintendents, operators, labourers, whomever is on the job site ability to use Expanding Grout. Using a rock breaker without presplitting the rock can be unproductive given the rock type. The geology in Penticton is quite tough and even with 300 size machines a rock breaker attachment progress is slow and production is often at a standstill.

Which GeoBreak Products Were Recommended

GeoBreak Expanding Grout Type 1 for warmer weather conditions was recommended using 2-3/4” hole size and 27”-30” for spacing between holes.

Expected Outcome

Split and break rock to speed up hammer time and excavate without breaking in areas with existing relief.

Actual Outcome

Rock had breaking time in 2-3 days which was left over the weekend to excavate and break the following week.

Final Thoughts From The Project Contractors

We have consistently used GeoBreak to provide us solutions with GeoBreak Expanding Grout in areas where we preferable would not like to blast or blasting is not prohibited. The ability to use our Ranger to drill larger size holes reduces our drilling costs and still allows for the Expanding Grout to split and heave apart the rock. Once the rock is split we go in with the hammer and peak away at the broken rock which speeds up our production making consistent results. We will blast when we can but when we can’t GeoBreak Expanding Grout provides us with solutions to stay on track with production and adds another tool for our rock works division. Pentiction has strict blasting bylaws and between cost for surveys in urban settings there is less red tape for a rock breaking project.