Project Contractors

Vera Industrial

Project Details

Blasting rock in a basement using Nxburst Rock Breaking Cartridges – located Victoria BC – completed April 2017

Scope of the Project

  • Remove rock using a safe, controlled approach using a non-detonating product in Nxburst

Nxburst Rock Breaking Cartridges were used to blast a rock in a basement for a home owner’s renovation. Blasting in an urban setting creates issues related to surface water contamination, vibrations, fly rock, noise and dust levels. These challengers pose concerns for blasters to effectively and safely to remove the rock material intended to be blasted without causing damage to existing infrastructure. The Nxburst Technician evaluated and analyzed the risks for this project and was more than confident to blast the rock using the appropriate Nxburst charge weight and appropriate amount of cover.

Which GeoBreak Products Were Recommended

Nxburst 40 gram or 60 gram charge weights were recommended using 330mm diameter hole to blast the in situ rock in the home owner’s basement.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of using Nxburst was to blast the rock creating manageable size pieces to allow for easy and quick removal without damaging windows, equipment and other existing structures.

Actual Outcome

Nxburst 6034 cartridge was used to blast the rock in the basement using 3 conveyor belts as a form of cover. After igniting the cartridge, no windows were rattled or broken and equipment in the basement was not damaged. The rock was broken into pieces that were manageable to handle and remove.

Final Thoughts From The Project Contractors

Nxburst’s safety characteristics minimized the site limitations for this project without creating noise complaints, vibration issues and fly rock concerns. The high frequency short duration vibrations that are produced upon ignition of an Nxburst cartridge make it a safe alternative for blasting in a residential environment. Being Nxburst Certified and WCB compliant gives you the opportunity to expand your service to offer in-house blasting capabilities without previous blasting experience. The low velocity that is produced from an Nxburst Cartridge makes conveyor belts, thick filter cloth and rolled up carpet effective alternatives to control fly rock that can be rolled up in your vehicle. The variety of cartridge diameter sizes gives you flexibility for the drilling equipment that is available to you. Compressor, length of hose and a hand held drill makes it quicker and easier drill your holes on hard rock. Minimal equipment is required to use Nxburst.