Project Contractors

Western Grater Contracting

Project Details

Non-explosive rock removal using GeoBreak Expanding Grout in downtown Victoria on congested job site – Victoria, BC – March 2019

Scope of the Project

  • Drilling and Blasting
  • 60’ Excavation downtown Victoria
  • Rock Excavation and Removal
  • Expanding Grout rock breaking on high angle slope near aging infrastructure

GeoBreak Expanding Grout was used to split and heave apart competent rock to allow for a hydraulic breaker attachment to be more efficient and speed up the rock breaking process on a congested job site in downtown Vancouver near Customs House off Government St. A Commando drill rig was used to drill holes on an angle 6” – 8” apart to be filled with Expanding Grout. The rock was broken in less than 24 where a machine could make quick work of the split and broken material.

Which GeoBreak Products Were Recommended

GeoBreak Expanding Grout Type III was recommended due to the rock being in a shaded area for most parts of the day and colder temperatures during the evening and night.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of using GeoBreak’s Expanding Grout was to break the rock using a non-explosive technique where a hydraulic hammer could become more efficient.

Actual Outcome

The rock was broken in under 24 hours and split where a machine could rip, pull and break the loose material when the hammer was creating dust and little progress prior to using GeoBreak Expanding Grout.

Final Thoughts From The Project Contractors

The location of this excavation is in the heart of downtown Victoria near aging infrastructure and where heritage buildings are present. When permits are granted for blasting we have taken this approach. The rock conditions for this site have ranged from porous material where a machines bucket can pull and strip away rock or a hydraulic breaker break the rock. However, within meters the geology can change creating ineffecinetly through mechanical breaking where an alternative is required. Without blasting, GeoBreak’s Expanding Grout splits away rock without producing vibrations or fly rock not requiring any forms of blast mats or permits to use. The rock was broken in under 24 hours which increased the productivity of a hydraulic breaker without wearing down its bit if attempted to break the rock without a presplit using the Expanding Grout.