Project Contractors

Dykon Blasting Corp.

Project Details

Demolition of two old bascule piers in 20’ of water – Galveston, Texas — 2012

Scope of the Project

  • Drilling and blasting of two old bascule piers
  • No high explosives allowed
  • Nxburst charges used in conventional drill and shoot fashion

Nxburst was used to blast two old bascule piers in 20’ of water in Galveston Bay. The railroad would not allow high explosives near the new bridge because of the vibration effects related to the shockwave produced when a high explosive charge is initiated. For drilling and blasting contractors, the same techniques that are applied to high explosives can be applied to Nxburst from drilling, loading to firing. In those project, the contractor was desperate for help with the removal of the piers. Nxburst provided another tool in the blasting contractor’s arsenal for blasting work related to this concrete demolition. From 13mm to 60mm, Nxburst charges range providing versatility for drilling equipment available.

Which GeoBreak Products Were Recommended

Nxburst 500 gram cartridges were recommended drilling 2.5” (63mm) hole size. 60mm cartridges are used for larger scale projects when there is a drill rig on site.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of using Nxburst was to have a controlled blast with minimal vibrations breaking the concrete in an economical fashion in drilling and blasting.

Actual Outcome

Nxburst 50060 charges were used to heave and split the concrete with no fly material, reduced noise, and PPV readings within safe limits not causing damage to the railroad’s bridge.

Final Thoughts From The Project Contractors

When you are a blasting contractor and you are not allowed to use high explosives that can limit the opportunities to bid on projects where a sensitive approach is required. Adding Nxburst into your explosive arsenal creates added opportunities to blast using the same techniques as high explosives while being the more economical choice for speciality projects where high explosives are prohibited. Nxburst has minimal vibrations due to the product’s high frequency shorter duration vibrations compared to low frequency longer duration vibrations in conventional explosives. The non-detonating technology allows for controllable fly rock with minimal clearance on a job site reducing the time to move equipment and personnel in the vicinity to safe distance. Being a 1.4s product, storage and transportation requirements are far less stringent as well. No placards are required to transport, Nxburst can be shipped directly on site either by ground or air. It is not necessary to have a powder truck deliver your explosives because of the classification. Low explosives are generally stored in a type 4 explosives magazine.