Project Contractors

Coogar Sales and Services

Project Details

Lifting and splitting rock using Nxburst allowing for continuous mining possibilities – located in Collingwood, ON – completed September 2017

Scope of Project

  • Produce higher yield for rock blasted
  • Continuous loading and hauling operations
  • Minimal clearance required

Due to Nxburst’ low velocity upon ignition, little to any backbreak is produced when a charge is ignited. This key product characteristic allows for continuous mining operations not disrupting loading and hauling cycles. In this example, Nxburst was used to lift and split the rock at this limestone quarry to produce higher yield of rock extracted. Similar to black powder, Nxburst deflagrates rather than detonates creating a heaving effect rather than shattering the material. The controlled rock breaking event does not require mine/site clearance reducing the downtime associated for safety precautions with high explosives in a quarry environment.

Which GeoBreak Products Were Recommended

The blaster used 25034 cartridges (250 grams of propellant and 34 mm size cartridge) to lift and split the rock. Drilling 38mm (1.5”) hole size with a burden and spacing of 1 meter.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome was to Blast the limestone without turning the stone into gravel while allowing for continuous mining operations without the use of matting to protect from flyrock concerns.

Actual Outcome

The heaving effected from each blast allowed for the rock to be split for easy extraction without turning the material into dust creating higher yield for rock produced. Each blast was controlled and safe without stopping operations or damaging equipment in close proximity.

Final Thoughts From the Project Contractors

Minimal equipment was required to hand drill and load the Nxburst cartridges. Nxburst was used in conventional drill and shoot fashion while successfully heaving the rock without shattering the material. The rock breaking mechanism is based on tensile strength rather than compressive strength not using a shockwave to create destructive effects. This allowed us to drill, load, stem and shoot the stone in shift while operators were loading and hauling away material. For certain blasts the operators in each cab could not hear them go off given the minimal noise that is produced by an Nxburst cartridge mitigating environmental effects and reducing noise complaints by nearby residents.