Forty-gram Nxburst rock breaking cartridges are consistently used for oversized boulders and concrete demolition projects in civil construction and residential excavations. Forty-gram Nxburst rock breaking cartridges are available in 28mm and 34mm fit for a 1.25” and 1.5” diameter hole size. These hole sizes are most common for rock drilling by hand (often referred to as a “plugger”) when using electric drills. The versatility of forty-gram rock breaking cartridges come from the length of the cartridge and quantity per box. Both size rock breaking cartridges are 140mm (6”) and 100mm (4”) in length. The reduced energy of Nxburst’ propellant upon ignition makes the shorter cartridge length ideal for shallow hole depths. Boulder splitting, boulder busting, concrete breaking and concrete demolition. These rock breaking cartridges have multiple advantages in civil construction, mining, quarrying and all excavating services. The deflagration rock breaking process is a slow burning that is much different than a detonating rock blasting or rock breaking product. Due to its velocity of burning, blasting boulders creates consistent results with reduced fly rock and noise levels. With a 40g Nxburst Rock Breaking Cartridge, this size charge weight splits and breaks rock to allow for a machine to handle easier in a controlled fashion. As you can see from this video, 7 meters (23 ft) from the rock breaking event there is equipment producing no flyrock. Between minimal clearance of personnel and not having to move slow, large equipment out of the blast site, the 40g Nxburst Rock Breaking Cartridge is a versatile tool for rock breaking on congested construction sites, concrete demolition, mining and quarrying. With experience and GeoBreak’s support, ask us how to create beautiful usable rock wall material for quarry clients for landscape product. Nxburst makes dealing with oversize boulders more efficient, safer and faster to move on with your project or create more usable material.